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A Journey Homeward
Greetings, worried acquaintances of an amiable nature.
I write on this fine day to assure you that I am, if nothing else, alive and to tell you the fantastically droll story of my journey....
Once I pulled the door shut behind me, I took a tentative step into the great cavern known to the locals as "Andrew's Garage." I wondered if, in the pitch black darkness that awaited me, there lurked a hungry grue or two. Running, however, turned out to be an unwise decision, as there were strange devices scattered throughout the cave that went "crash" or "thunk" when collided with, and generally proved quite painful.
At last, a tiny spark of light alerted me to the location of the second door, which I knew would lead me once more to open air. My elation, however, was short lived, and was soon replaced with sheer panic as I fond myself unable to open said door. No matter how hard I pushed, it would not budge. It did not possess a lock. Could it be jammed? Had it swollen suddenly of its own accord,
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L'Aurelie: Preface
It was very old, the thing that lived beneath Stringer's Dock. The oldest of the huge piers in the abandoned harbor, Stringer's Dock had, for generations, been used by grandmothers to frighten wayward children into obedience with tales of parents who had tired of their naughty children and had left them there. Grandmothers' stories varied quite a bit at this point, but what with one thing and another, those wicked children were never seen again.
               Sailors tell different stories about the pier. They usually involve too much wine and the need to find a suitable spot for being entertained by such ladies as prefer secluded spots for entertaining, or a pressing need to prove one's masculinity by spending the night somewhere cold and dark and spooky without calling out for one's mum. These stories generally start with winks and nudges and jokes that only make sense if you've had a certain amount of worldl
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United States
Current Residence: small town MN
DO YOU WANT TO BE A MOD for something...somewhere...? Read on...

"What is Prae/Tea up to? What are her plans??"
Nobody is actually asking these questions, but I am going to answer them anyways.

As I mentioned previously, the majority of my art time recently has been going towards working on my Amleburry comic ( Some of you read the original first ten pages or so, although half of them have been scrapped and the beginning has been reworked a little.
I want to thank everyone who gave input on the original pages, I promise a took much of it to heart, which is part of the reason the entire opening was reworked. I intend to start slowly uploading these new pages as I complete them (now in full color, no less!).

There will not likely be a lot of new fancy artwork coming out anytime soon (read: more robot doodles may happen). Aside from trying to finally really get this comic off the ground (including getting a domain for all of my various comics projects), I am also just starting a new job (this time with polymers, which are slightly less messy than asphalt).

Aaaand if you made it through all the parentheses, here is what that mod thing is about:
When I do eventually get a comics webpage going and if I have any readers, I'm going to want a forum.
Okay but here's the thing: I sort of hate webcomic forums.
But I don't begrudge those who love the discussion, and don't want to deprive my readers of one, should I be lucky enough to have any readers who want to discuss things.
If I were to have a forum, my only real presence on it would be in some kind of "Questions" thread, which would be for general questions/clarification. Which would leave me needing a mod to do some simple policing/troll&bot-deleting/etc.
I'm guessing I am at LEAST a month or two from having the website set up, let alone enough of a following to really need a forum, but if any of y'all might be interested in such a task sometime in the not-too-near but not-too-distant future, let me know via comment or note.

That's what I'm up to. Those are my plans.

Much love,
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do you do requests for blanks?
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :love: (not that you probably check this very often ;P)
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oh, it's Prae from ToT? I didn't know you had a DA account! *watches*
lovely art! :D
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Since you disappeared from online, I think people have begun to think you and I are the same person. DarkZephyr just sent this to me as gift art: [link]

Looks like AquaAngelus got us confused too. ^^''
basstheyoshi Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008
...lovely rita, meter maid...
Pretty nice work you have here. ^^
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